Why Float With Us?

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Float Therapy or REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Techniques, offers a unique experience by decreasing the strains of gravity and eliminating the constant sensory distractions life brings, thus allowing your body to completely REST.

This is a place to nourish and balance the mind, body, and spirit. If you face work stress or any kind of crisis in your life then a state of deep relaxation (theta) will be a welcome change. Or if things are overall going well for you, but you wish to stretch out the highest feelings of mental well-being then this relaxed state can do it for you. Float Therapy or REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Techniques, offers a unique experience by decreasing the strains of gravity and eliminating the constant sensory distractions life brings, thus allowing your body to completely REST. Float Therapy is a non-medical service in which people heal, rest, and meditate their way to wellness. Floating allows for your energy to flow freely, a place where you can meditate on self in a weightless environment. Floaters discover that they enjoy the relaxed state which can also be a healing state for many conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, swelling, insomnia, even jet lag. Our friendly environment satisfies your need for self-rejuvenation. Our main service is Flotation Therapy, offering 3 modern flotation pods and one flotation room which can accommodate 2 guests floating side by side.

Why Float?

One hour of Floating is equal to 4 hours of real world meditation and 8 hours of sleep.

Physical benefits

The primary result from floating is allowing the entire body to rest by suspending the effects of gravity for awhile. The body can then spend its efforts on recuperating or healing. In this way, Floating is a preventative therapy. Floating helps lessen stress and can increase endorphins – the feel good brain chemical – that are released in the brain allowing the muscles and joints to completely relax. Float therapy helps address chronic pain, strengthens the immune system, and has been part of successful therapies to fight addictions. Naturally the gravity-free environment contributes to recovery from injuries. Many people report that the majority of the benefits last several days after the float.

Mental benefits

With reduced stimulation from external factors the brain is free to go into a state of REST. This theta state helps to increase learning capabilities and the rate at which we are able to absorb information. With no distractions it is astonishing how clear and focused the mind becomes.

Spiritual Benefits

REST is a elusive meditative state between waking and sleeping. With floating you can produce theta brain waves within a half an hour, which typically takes years through deep meditation. Float therapy can be viewed as the training wheels for meditation. It gets you there effortlessly.


Do I need to bring anything?

No, just yourself. Towels and robes will be provided. And, if desired, we also give you earplugs, shampoo or bath soap. If you prefer to remove any contact lenses, please bring a container to hold them.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

People with claustrophobia report no problems with floating, likely because it is like laying on a bed. The edges of the bed are defined but there is no sense of enclosure. You are in control of your environment and floating is more like the freedom you may imagine of being in outer space.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

Nope! The buoyancy from the under 10″ of salt water keeps you afloat. If anything, some people fall asleep and may be woken by a little salt water in the eyes.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely, it is like a womb within a womb. Floating is amazing for pregnancy and can reduce a lot of aches and pain related to pregnancy. If you are in your third trimester and have concerns please feel free to contact your doctor.

How is the water hygiene maintained?

We use active oxygen, no chlorine used. We have a maximum hygiene, top water treatment/cleaning technology similar to those in swimming pools. The water is cleaned before and after every floating session in four different ways. Even when the cabin is not in use, the system cleans the water automatically.

Is floatation therapy the only service provided?

No, we also provide organic drinks, nutrition workshops and meditation. As we grow, we will expand our services so please tell us what you want to see at Soulex.

Am I able to share the floatation cabin or room with a partner?

Yes, you can bring a friend to share your floatation experience. The floatation cabins and rooms are large enough to comfortably fit two people.

Are individuals with disabilities able to experience flotation therapy?

Absolutely! Floatation therapy has been shown to have a positive effect on individuals with disabilities especially autism, ADHD, and physical disabilities.
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