Sensory Wellness – In the Float Pod and in Your Personal World

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Sensory deprivation therapy gives your body and mind the opportunity to shut off the systems that respond to external stimuli.

Creating periods of sensory deprivation while in the float pod is what makes room for floaters to heal body, mind and spirit. The benefits are well-documented, with floatation therapy experiencing a resurgence as people start to understand the efficiency that can be found in stillness, with no distractions of temperature, sound, light, touch or smell.

Yet the sense of smell in the right setting forms another anchor to healing, which is why we are pleased to partner with Woodland Pulse.

Founder Wally Rashid shared his love for sensory wellness with us, saying “During my time in medical school, I developed a hobby in my apartment: growing and selling rare plants. In search of unique plant pots to enhance my offerings, I discovered the world of 3D printing.

“This newfound path shifted my focus from selling plants to designing distinctive decor pieces, and we are now expanding into eco-friendly home furnishings.”

Wally Rashid, founder of Woodland Pulse

Rashid has developed a unique blend of form and sensory depth with the Woodland Pulse Cedarwood-infused range of planters and other pieces for the home, and which look beautiful in the spa at Soulex.

We love the scent of cedarwood, with Woodland Pulse's planters at SOULEX Float Spa.

The Woodland Pulse mission: inspiring destiny-shapers

Rashid notes that “Woodland Pulse is a manifestation of my passion and a testament to the belief that everyone has the power to shape their own destiny. At Woodland Pulse, we embrace the transformative power of experiential home decor. Our collection of modern planters and unique vases not only enhances your living space but also serves as a constant reminder to pursue your dreams fearlessly.”

In a world where digital experiences are increasing it’s becoming more important to seek the sensory experiences our physical and spiritual bodies crave … so that we can refuel, be inspired and create.

Alyssa Milano for Woodland Pulse.

Building our own destiny by creating our own specific spaces and experiences is an intentional process where the rewards far outweigh the effort required. 

At Soulex Float Spa, we achieve this via sensory deprivation. Yet before and after each float session, the scent of cedarwood from Woodland Pulse pieces throughout the spa creates a grounding, calming atmosphere.

Woodland Pulse cedarwood-infused modern planters are the perfect accent in SOULEX float spa's rooms.

Every detail of the design of Soulex Float Spa has been intentionally curated; the pieces from Woodland Pulse have added depth, with our floating community eager to explore bringing Woodland Pulse planters into their own space to extend the sensory memory of their float.

The benefits of bringing sensory experiences into your world: calm, delight and inspire

Wally Rashid excels at bridging the divide between the digital world and nature, reshaping the digital perception of fine art.

When you bring WoodlandPulse pieces into your space, you’re gaining:

  • Immersive experiences of touch, scent and visual delight
  • Inspiration on moving past boundaries to create joy
  • The power of aromatherapy integrated into each distinctive art piece, while function supports form in the most beautiful way.

Find the perfect modern planter at Woodland Pulse; use the code in this blog for a special discount.

The connection of the cedarwood scent from the planters in SOULEX’s spa, with bringing the same scent into your home or work environment, can anchor your body and mind, giving immediate recall to the experience of your float and the reminder of the deep, lasting healing work you did in the float pod.

Innovative craftsmanship: where to begin

The cedarwood-infused planters and vases created by Woodland Pulse, crafted with an ASMR-inducing wood grain texture, beautifully complement and extend the sensory experience that begins with floating at SOULEX Float Spa. 

The ASMR (autonomous-sensory meridian response) can help soothe the mind and lower the heart rate of those who seek it.

Cedarwood also plays the more pedestrian but equally-appreciated role of bringing pest-deterrent properties, so your home will love it as much as you do.
For instance, the DISC™ Unique Planter & Passive Diffuser allows us to appreciate the beauty of these modern plant pots’ designs, enjoy the woodgrain texture and immerse ourselves in the therapeutic benefits of cedar oil. This soothingly textured beige planter works as a passive diffuser with a woody aroma that can help reduce anxiety.

Create the perfect grounding space with Woodland Pulse's range of cedarwood-infused modern planters. Use the special code in this blog to enjoy a discount in partnership with SOULEX float spa.

Woodland Pulse x SOULEX Float Spa

Creating the perfect environment for self-care remains the #1 priority for Founder Pedramin Vaziri, informed by her architectural background and her passion for helping clients heal on the physical, spiritual and emotional level.
So we were delighted to collaborate with Woodland Pulse to focus on their Cedarwood essential oil-infused planters as part of our SOULEX space. Woodland Pulse published their experience here. Woodland Pulse have created a beautiful range of eco-friendly, decorative pieces, each infused with the captivating and grounding scent of Cedarwood oil.

Enjoy the many benefits of sensory deprivation by floating at SOULEX float spa, then bring home one of the beautiful cedarwood-infused modern planters from Woodland Pulse to create a soothing, grounding space at home.

We love the base notes of Cedarwood oil, and how the scent creates such a solid foundation for a peaceful, safe environment.

Explore this transformative experience for yourself, via consistent floating at SOULEX Float Spa and the anchoring, grounding and calming sensory experience created when you bring Woodland Pulse decor pieces into your professional and personal spaces.

To learn more about Woodland Pulse, visit and follow them on Instagram @woodlandpulse.
Create your own consistent floating transformation via a float package or SOULCLUB for extra-value floats. Follow SOULEX Float Spa on Instagram @soulexdc.

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