Our Studio Policies


Our services are offered by appointment only. Out of respect for our staff, if a cancellation, or any change, to your appointment is necessary, we require at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled appointment. In order to allow our clients to keep their unused float sessions, a $50 Late Cancellation Fee will be charged to the credit card on file in the event of cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled session. Accounts with a negative balance must be settled before their next float session.


Late Arrival Policy: If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we can only offer you the time remaining in your float. In some cases the appointment may need to be rescheduled.


No Show Policy:No shows will result in a 100% service charge. The session booked will be forfeited from the account. Clients may take advantage of our Cancellation Policy to reactivate their forfeited float session, so long as the session’s original expiration date has not passed.


All clients are required to shower before entering the float pod/pool to ensure the quality of the float solution (Epsom Salt + Water) remains uncompromised. While the pod is filling, floaters have approximately 10 minutes to shower using shower gel and shampoo. Upon completion of a float session, clients have a total of 15 minutes before they should exit the room. This consists of approximately 5 minutes for rinsing off, and another 10 minutes for getting dressed. It is important to exit the room promptly within this timeframe to ensure the smooth operation of our facilities, and to accommodate our other clients’ schedules. This is in addition to your scheduled float time. We welcome our clients to utilize our powder room that offers toiletry products, and other amenities, for additional grooming.


ALL clients must agree to:


(1) TURN OFF the shower prior to entering the float pod, to prevent water damage to our facility.


(2) Call for assistance if you are having trouble with the shower, or any equipment.


If the shower is found to be left on during a float session, SOULEX float spa staff reserves the right to enter the room to turn off the shower. Clients will be subject to a Facility Damage Fee (amount to be determined by extent of damage) if flooding occurs.


Our facility is cleaned & sanitized between each session and the float pod solution is maintained to meet, and exceed, the standards of the Floatation Tank Association.


SOULEX float spa is a place of relaxation and tranquility.


During your time with us, please be mindful of our other clients who are seeking peace and sanctuary within our facilities.


Respectful Behavior

Please maintain a calm and respectful demeanor throughout your visit. Refrain from using loud voices or engaging in disruptive behavior that may disturb others. Conversations should be kept at a considerate volume to avoid disturbing the relaxation of others. 


Arrival Time

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow ample time for check-in, waiver completion, and relaxation. Late arrivals may only be offered the time remaining within their originally scheduled appointment window, so that we are able honor our commitment to our other clients.


Electronic Devices 

To preserve our serene atmosphere, we kindly ask that you silence or turn off all electronic devices upon entering the spa premises. Please refrain from using phones, tablets, or other devices in the hallways, float rooms, and the powder room.



Robes are provided for clients to use if they need to leave their room during their float session. Please wear the non-slip sandals provided by SOULEX float spa at all times to ensure your safety in wet areas. Clients are encouraged to float in the nude for a full sensory deprivation experience, but are more than welcome to use swimwear. Floating in clothing other than swimwear is not permitted.


Please wear appropriate clothing in all shared spaces within SOULEX float spa.

Nudity is not permitted except for in your private float room.



Prior to your treatment, we require all clients to shower, and remove, any makeup or skincare products. Cleanliness is essential for a hygienic and enjoyable spa experience.



Respect the privacy of other guests by maintaining a low noise level and refraining from intrusive behavior. Please do not attempt to enter a float room if you are unsure if it is your room; your Float Coordinator will be able to assist you in finding your assigned room.


Personal Belongings

Clients have the security of their own private room during their float session. For the safekeeping of personal belongings, we advise against bringing valuables to the spa, as we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.


Health Considerations

Prior to your float session, please confer with your physician regarding any health concerns, conditions, or medication use that may be affected by your treatment.



While tipping is not mandatory, it is customary to show gratitude for exceptional service, and always greatly appreciated by staff. If you wish to leave a gratuity, envelopes are supplied in each float room, or you may do so at the reception desk upon checkout.



Children are welcome to experience floating at SOULEX float spa. It is the responsibility of the supervising parent/guardian to ensure all policies and etiquette are followed. Children who do not adhere to our policies and etiquette, or who become disruptive to the solace of our other clients will be asked to end their session.


Children 6 – 15 may float in the Open Basin. A parent/guardian must be present, in the room, for the entire session.


Youth ages 16 – 17 may float alone in their own room, so long as their parent/guardian remains on premise during the entire session.



Pets are not permitted on the premises, with the exception of service animals.


Alcohol & Drugs

The consumption of alcohol or illegal substances is strictly prohibited on SOULEX float spa premises. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will immediately be asked to leave for the safety and comfort of others.

SOULEX float spa reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.


SOULEX float spa offers physical Gift Cards that can be purchased in-store, or digital Gift Vouchers that may be purchased online, or over the phone. Both work like cash, and hold a monetary value until used towards a purchase.


If the dollar value of the gift card is insufficient to pay the current price of a session, you will need to pay the difference in cost.


Gift Cards & Vouchers do not expire.


Gift Certificates & Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned for a cash refund. Once entered into your account, your Gift Card/Voucher funds will automatically apply to your next purchase(s). If a purchase total exceeds the value of a Gift Card/Voucher, the difference must be paid with a credit card, or cash. Any unused balance will be placed in your account. Please treat your Gift Card/Voucher like cash. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. Gift Cards/Vouchers are not redeemable towards gratuity/tips; they may be used for the purchase of services and products ONLY. Gift Cards/Vouchers and their use are subject to SOULEX float spa’s general Terms & Conditions. SOULEX float spa reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time, at its discretion.


Please note that all sales are final.


All float sessions must be paid for in advance.


Float sessions and packages are non-refundable.


Float packages and products can only be returned as store credit. Please be sure to verify all Terms & Conditions before completing your purchase.




Any damage caused by, but not limited to, the reasons stated below will result in an intensive system cleaning and complete salt replacement fee of $2,000.

  • The presence or staining of hair dye, henna, tint, rinse, or any other color adjusting product.

  • Incontinence or Voluntary/Involuntary release of bodily fluids of any kind.

  • Failure to shower thoroughly prior to floating resulting in dirt, excessive skin, oil, cream, or makeup residue within the float system.

  • Experiencing a heavy menstrual cycle. Please reschedule if there is any chance blood could come out into the water.

Chargeback Policy

At SOULEX float spa, we strive to provide exceptional services, products and customer satisfaction. In the event that you are dissatisfied with a purchase, or encounter any issues, we encourage you to contact us promptly to resolve any concerns. Our Chargeback Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines regarding the initiation of chargebacks and the resolution of disputes.


Contact for Dispute Resolution: Before initiating a chargeback, clients are urged to reach out to management at SOULEX float spa to attempt to resolve any disputes or concerns regarding a transaction. Our customer support team is available to address any issues and work towards a satisfactory resolution.


Chargeback Initiation: If a client chooses to initiate a chargeback with their financial institution, SOULEX float spa will be notified of the dispute. Once a chargeback is initiated, the disputed payment will be subject to the chargeback process as determined by the respective financial institution.


Chargebacks for Rendered Services:
In cases where services have been rendered by SOULEX float spa and a client subsequently initiates a chargeback, special considerations apply. Clients must acknowledge that services rendered by SOULEX float spa are non-tangible and may not be returned in the same manner as physical goods.


Service Completion Confirmation: Clients acknowledge that by engaging in a service transaction with SOULEX float spa, they agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined for the specific service provided. Upon completion of the service, clients may receive confirmation or documentation indicating the fulfillment of the service agreement.


Dispute Resolution for Rendered Services: If a client disputes charges for services that have been rendered, SOULEX float spa will review the terms of the service agreement and any applicable documentation to assess the validity of the dispute. Clients are encouraged to provide any relevant information or feedback regarding the service experience to facilitate resolution.


Partial Refunds and Adjustments: In certain cases where clients express dissatisfaction with rendered services, SOULEX float spa may offer partial refunds or adjustments based on the circumstances of the dispute. Such resolutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the discretion of SOULEX float spa.


Documentation Requirements: Clients initiating chargebacks for rendered services may be required to provide documentation or evidence supporting their claim. This may include correspondence, service agreements, records of communication, and any other relevant information pertaining to the service transaction.


Communication and Resolution Process: Clients are encouraged to communicate directly with SOULEX float spa to address any concerns or disputes regarding rendered services. Our customer support team is available to facilitate dialogue and work towards a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.


Chargeback Reversal: In the event that a chargeback is initiated for services that have been rendered and SOULEX float spa is able to provide evidence of service completion and satisfaction, SOULEX float spa reserves the right to request a chargeback reversal from the client’s financial institution.


No Refund Processing After Chargeback: Upon initiation of a chargeback, SOULEX float spa will not be able to process a refund for the disputed payment. Clients should be aware that initiating a chargeback may prolong the resolution process and may result in additional fees, or penalties imposed by their financial institution.


Attempted Resolution Requirement: Clients who submit chargebacks without first attempting to resolve the dispute with SOULEX float spa will be considered in violation of our Chargeback Policy. We strongly encourage clients to utilize our customer support channels to address any concerns before resorting to a chargeback.


Consequences of Chargeback Abuse: CClients who submit chargebacks without first attempting to resolve disputes with SOULEX float spa may face restrictions or account termination. SOULEX float spa reserves the right to refuse service to clients who abuse the chargeback process.


Documentation and Evidence: In the event of a chargeback dispute, SOULEX float spa may require clients to provide relevant documentation and evidence to support their claim. This may include order confirmations, receipts, correspondence, and any other relevant information related to the transaction in question.


Communication Channels: Clients can contact SOULEX float spa regarding any chargeback inquiries or disputes through our designated customer support channels. We are committed to addressing client concerns in a timely and professional manner.


Policy Updates: SOULEX float spa reserves the right to update or modify the Chargeback Policy at any time without prior notice. Clients are encouraged to review the policy periodically for any changes or updates.

Clients are advised to consider the nature of services provided by SOULEX float spa before initiating chargebacks for rendered services. We are committed to upholding the integrity of our service offerings and ensuring fair and equitable resolutions for our clients.


By engaging in transactions with SOULEX float spa, clients acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this Chargeback Policy. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in resolving disputes amicably and efficiently.


If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our Chargeback Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.