Benefits of Floating

Relieve Stress, Recover from Injuries, Fight Addiction & Eliminate Chronic Pain at SOULEX Float Studio

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Pain Relief

When you’re in pain, the nurturing aspects of flotation therapy can help you recover faster. Our clients who came into SOULEX with back and neck pain, sprained joints and who were recovering from broken bones have found the physical rehabilitation benefits to be gained simply from relaxing in a float pod are astonishing.

Your boss will be impressed, too, as when you’re able to get back to work faster after an injury, it’s more efficient all round.

We encourage you to experience flotation therapy at Soulex Float Spa to see just how effectively your body can expedite the healing process. (It’s also an extremely nice way to relax and nurture your body as it heals!)

Athletic Training

When you’re in training and pushing to go harder and faster, flotation therapy can get you back onto the field more quickly.

Flotation therapy benefits for athletes are threefold:

You’ll recover faster after training as floating helps reduce lactic acid production, meaning less muscle cramps and fatigue.

You’ll visualize better: without any distractions at all while in the float pod, you’re perfectly placed to practise visualization to build muscle memory and efficiency. You’ve probably heard of mirror neurons, one of the brain’s vital learning mechanisms, that mean when we visualize a task it’s nearly 70% as efficient as when we actually do it.

You’ll help prevent injuries because you’ll be physically and mentally relaxed. Many injuries stem from holding stress and tension in the body. When you book into Soulex Float Spa for regular float sessions, you’ll be maintaining optimal physical and mental relaxation.

Emotional Pain Relief

Emotional pain is equally as real as physical pain, and equally able to stop us in our tracks.

When you float, your body relaxes and your mind is free – in a calming environment – to work through traumatic or painful memories. Your body is able to process the emotional pain without the emotional charge that usually comes along for the ride.

Because you’re floating you’re also producing less stress hormones, so your body is able to begin reprogramming. We find our clients are able to disassociate from traumatic events and that their bodies stop producing the stressful neurochemicals that go with those.

If you are suffering from emotional pain, do consider booking a float session so that you can experience what it’s like. It could be the first step to repairing your mind and heart, for the long term.

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Immunity & Vitality

As your body unwinds from all that knotted-up stress and tension, it’s free to absorb a welcome boost of immunity … and the goodness continues after your float session is done. Giving yourself this time pays dividends, because you’re less likely to get sick from the next “thing” going around.

Hemispheric Brainwave Synchronicity

Okay, these might be big words, but what it means is the flotation therapy is good for balancing out your brainwaves.

Why is this a big deal?

Research and anecdotal evidence shows that when our brainwaves are “in synch” across the left and right hemispheres, we’re better at problem solving, learning new skills, learning new languages and remembering things.

And who wouldn’t appreciate a better memory …?!

So, book in to Soulex. Settle into your float pod and enjoy a “brainwave balancing” session.

Skin and Hair Health

The epsom salt used in flotation therapy creates the buoyant environment so that your body can relax. But as an extra benefit, the epsom salt – a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate – is extremely beneficial for healthy skin and hair. Epsom salts draw out toxins, leaving skin rejuvenated while you relax.

Research-Backed Relaxation

Studies show that stress, depression, and anxiety were significantly reduced after 12 floating sessions

Karlstad University, Sweden
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Medical Conditions

When you float in your private pod at Soulex Float Spa, you’re giving your body a break from gravity. Your muscles, joints and bones will thank you, and because your brain will get a break from that “always on” analysis of the world around you, it will be able to power down for a while. With no gravity pushing your body down, it can focus on healing.

Our experience has shown that clients find relief from medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, arthritis, and scoliosis. Lowering blood pressure can help reduce the risk of heart attack, so we’re big fans, and in one pilot study with Fibromyalgia patients, there was a significant decrease in pain both during the float and from float session to float session.


Ahh, the delight. If you’re pregnant, you’ll know what it’s like carrying that precious little one around, with all the fatigue it can create on your bones, joints and muscles. We find that pregnant mamas are some of our most satisfied customers at Soulex – and no wonder … when you step into the float pod and “take a load off” you’ll experience an incredible level of relaxation and peace. 


Tank floating provides a mirror effect of the baby floating in the womb … and why should your baby get all the fun? Come and feel the level of “ooooh yes” that is possible with floatation therapy.

Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want a comfortable way to banish excess weight?

When you float, your parasympathetic nervous system (your “rest and digest” system) is activated.

This handy little process activates your metabolism and helps out with many of your body’s regulatory activities.

Clients find that listening to motivational weight loss recordings while they float can positively influence their behavioral patterns. We have found that people enjoy continued weight loss for up to 6 months after only a single session in the tank.

What are you waiting for?


Dopamine’s your best friend when it comes to combating addiction. For clients who struggle with addiction, they find the drug has become their substantial source of dopamine release, and so they became dependent on it and then needed increasing quantities (or just needed it more often) to feel good.

Floatation provides a healthy source of dopamine. And this natural alternative helps people wean themselves off their substance dependence.

It’s an honor to welcome our clients who find that their flotation therapy helps them combat addiction. If this is something you face, we invite you to book in to Soulex and discover a welcome way to create change.

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Stress Relief

You’re probably quite well-versed in the effects stress can have on your body.

But are you doing anything to change your response to stress?

The biggest challenge can be making time for YOU instead of getting everything done for everyone else. But when you do, when you come float at Soulex …

You’ll find immediate relief, which is a fabulous short-term help.

And you’ll find that you can better manage and alleviate many symptoms, such as hypertension, apoplexy or stroke, coronary heart disease, ulcers, migraines, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, depression, burn out syndrome, fertility issues, TMJ syndrome, trichotillomania and many other challenges.


You’ve probably read enough to understand that flotation therapy is extremely helpful in reducing stress levels. And once you do, the added benefit is that you’ll sleep better.

Many clients come to us because their brains just won’t cooperate when it comes to shifting their brainwaves down from Alpha to Theta (the gateway to sleep).

Flotation therapy can help you drop into that Theta state, helping your body easily transition into the slower Delta waves needed for a good night’s sleep.

And don’t worry if you fall asleep in your float pod 😉 … we’ll give you a pillow for your neck, and you’ll be entirely safe.

Overall Well-being

Wellbeing isn’t some out-in-the-ether thing to be dismissed as a “nice to have”.
When you’re relaxed, you feel good. In turn, your body will be healthier.

It’s not just a subjective thing … psychological evaluations try to quantify a person’s general wellbeing.

Try it and see for yourself. Click here to take us up on our special for first-time floaters.

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D Felecia Durante
The staff is amazing and very accommodating. The spa rooms are always extremely clean , sanitized & disinfected. The actual float session is so relaxing, every ache & pain seems to dissolve in the Epsom salt solution. The soothing music helps you drift off to sleep or a place of pure peace
D Felecia Durante
Demiah Edwards
I bought a package for my partner for Christmas which was a great deal. We both did a floating spa session today and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and cant wait to go back. This place is very clean, the atmosphere is perfect and it gets you right into your Zen moment.
Demiah Edwards
Michael Jones Jr.
Had an amazing time, quick check in process, explain how it all works and then just a great space for you to enjoy yourself body feels good, I am going to grab some food and head home and relax a little more! Take a chance and try it out!
Michael Jones Jr.
Claire Seveno
I plan to add this into my monthly – or bi-monthly self-care routine. Thank you to the whole Soulex DC team from start to finish for making this such a great experience for me!
Claire Seveno
Kwasi Irving
The float experience was incredibly relaxing and tranquil. I highly recommend floating at Soulex Spa. Enjoy.
Kwasi Irving
Hayley Hoffman
My husband and I just had our first float and we will be back for sure. The service was warm and engaging. The facilities were beautifully presented and maintained. The atmosphere was restful and welcoming. We had all that we needed to shed our stress and simply be in the space. Kudos to Pedramin and her team!
Hayley Hoffman
Noemi Young
Lovey experience. The Ladies and Soulex explain everything and put your mind at ease about what you need to do, etc. The experience is amazing. I’m still relaxed and at peace with the world.
Noemi Young
Ashley Smith and her family
My husband, friend, and I floated today and loved our experience at Soulex. From the first foot in the door, we felt relaxed and welcomed. Staff was fabulous and everything was meticulously clean and tidy! We were just visiting the area, but will definitely be back on our next trip up! Thanks Soulex for such a relaxing afternoon.
Ashley Smith