How many times do I need to float to relieve stress?

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A research study showed that a single hour in a floatation tank reduced symptoms of depression, sleep difficulties, irritability, and fatigue.

We all know that stress impacts your physical health. Research has started pointing to a stressful lifestyle as the cause of Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, and can effect your mood and behavior. Stress can trigger the body’s response to perceived danger and your fight-or-flight response. Stress reduction is the #1 reason our community comes to experience sensory deprivation tanks.

What Does the Research Say?

A 2018 study showed that a single one-hour session in an isolation tank was capable of a significant reduction in anxiety and improvement in mood in participants with stress- and anxiety-related disorders. A 2016 study of 46 people who self-reported generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) found that it reduced symptoms, such as depression, sleep difficulties, irritability, and fatigue. A 2006 study found that after 12 floatation sessions – the drop in stress and anxiety – and associated hormone levels last for up to four months. Pain areas, stress, anxiety, and depression decreased. Sleep quality, optimism, and prolactin increased. Positive effects generally maintained 4 months after treatment. The study concluded that flotation tank therapy is an effective method for the treatment of stress-related pain.

How Do Float Tanks Help?

Float tanks recreate a safe environment, similar to the womb, in which there are no threats or stimulus. Sound, light, temperature and gravity are controlled. In being in such a state of perfect equilibrium allows your body and mind to relax and the energy used to maintain a constant state of flight-or-flight vigilance can be released, allowing for healing and calm. This allows your body’s muscle memory to “remember” what an unstressed self feels like. Our clients often report better sleep, more patience, feelings of “lightness” and general wellbeing for days afterward.

How Can I Float Away?

Coupled with exercise, mindfulness, and other lifestyle changes – stress reduction can be the single biggest thing you do for your health. Start with your special Introductory 3-Pack Offer to jump-start a stress reduction practice, and integrate it into your normal routine whenever you feel yourself on the verge of burn-out.
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