Elevate Your Holiday Giving with Bonus Value Gift Cards

Spend $200, Get $50

$ 250
  • An extra $50 on the card!

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$ 500
  • An extra $100 on the card!
  • A complimentary float with us for yourself
Best Value

Spend $100, Get $25

$ 125
  • An extra $25 on the card!
*Offer expires midnight, Sunday 31st December 2023*

Share the joy of floating with super-value Gift Cards!

Bring calm and healing to the special people in your life with a Soulex DC Gift Card with 25% more value! 👏

Soulex DC loves win-win solutions and we love when they include a healthy dose of excellence too.

Our floats are designed to leave you feeling good inside (and for a long time after). And we believe your gift-giving experience should be no different.

Give the gift of experience – a calm, healing, floating experience that will give you your money’s worth (and more!).

Mindfulness, relaxation, and health challenges eased for them - a BONUS for you!

Give the gift of self-care

When you purchase a Soulex DC gift card, you’re giving somebody the opportunity to experience the calm and healing of flotation therapy. Whether or not for the first time, they can achieve the equivalent of four hours’ meditation + 8 hours’ deep sleep, all in a 60-min float.

This holiday season, share the joy of floating with the special humans in your life.
And accept your karma! 👏

Benefits of floating

Pain Relief: Supports the management of chronic pain,
Immunity & Vitality: Strengthens the immune system, helping the body ward off infections and illnesses more effectively.
Stress Relief: Reduces tension and anxiety, contributing to a more balanced and resilient mindset.
Helps body, mind and soul heal and perform at best

Benefits of giving

🔥 For every $100 spent on a Soulex DC gift card, we'll add an extra $25 on the card!
🔥 You can keep the extra credit for yourself or gifted.
🔥 Spend over $400 for a complimentary float with us for yourself!

So you can rest assured everyone will get the most out of the gifting experience.

What Clients Say

“Going to Soulex is the only place that feels safe”

- Kenneth, 58, Program Management Professional
In the News

“People need to kick back, heal and take some of the stress out of their lives — if even for an hour a week.”

- The Washington Post