Work with SOULEX

Soulex is a luxurious, eco-conscious float center serving the DC metropolitan area. Our goal is to restore tranquility in the community through the healing practice of floating. No matter what is happening in the world outside Soulex, we provide clients with a retreat from daily life.

Film Intern

We are seeking a film intern to create short-form content for Instagram Reels and TikTok. This job is great for creative individuals with a passion for video and storytelling.

Studio Coordinator

Soulex is seeking a Studio Coordinator who can build relationships with our clients, manage daily operations, has excellent organizational abilities, and a strong understanding of people. The ideal candidate will have a passion for health and wellness, a background working with many different personalities, and an interest in contributing to the company’s growth.

Housekeeping Team Member

As a member of our housekeeping crew, you will be in charge of keeping the studio clean and stocked. If you have strong time management skills and enjoy structure, this is the perfect job for you.

Social Media Management

100% Remote
The social media manager will administer the company’s social media marketing strategy and advertising with objectives being to grow our following across multiple platforms, increase engagement, generate leads and sales every day.