About Soulex Float Spa, DC

The impetus for opening SOULEX was born out of a passion to reduce and even eliminate the overwhelming amount of stress we all face on a daily basis.

Our Story

Hi! I’m Pedramin Vaziri, one-time architect, parent to a couple of wonderful humans and founder of SOULEX Float Spa.

And I’d love to share with you how it all came about … because if you’ve arrived at this page, I know you are looking for something that will help you make a positive change.

I’m on a mission to deliver health and wellness to Washingtonians. We know all too well that we need it!
About Soulex Float SPA, DC, It’s been a journey that’s consumed me for years. After leaving Architecture to raise my kids, I thought of opening a centre for alternative therapies, meditation and yoga. My passion had always been health and wellness, finding an alternative way to heal the body, help myself, help the kids.

It was my husband who noticed the idea of floating, so we jumped in the car and drove to Virginia Beach to try it out.
I fell in love with it – I got into a meditative state, and it helped me with my shoulders and lower back pain.

Actually creating SOULEX has taken years, researching sensory deprivation, dealing with funding, finding the perfect pod (in Budapest!) and pouring everything we had into building a space that is like nothing else.

About Soulex Float SPA, DC, even though it’s a reasonably new concept, people in Downtown D.C. have embraced the benefits. Our clients appreciate the attention to quality in the surroundings we’ve created and many have made SOULEX a regular time to unwind.

Take a look here to discover the incredible benefits flotation therapy can bring for your own sense of wellbeing, performance at work, and peace of mind.
And, see what others have to say about their flotation therapy experience. (For example, Shoham who is a 37-year-old company founder, said “When I float on a regular basis, I perform better in life.)”

It’s an honor to provide the space for you to discover how flotation therapy can assist you in detaching from the stress that daily life creates.

I look forward to you being able to experience the mini-vacation that is floating, as soon as you can make the time.

Pedramin Vaziri
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Our Team

Head of the Platform, Adam Cheise

Adam Cheise

Head of Platform

Our Mission

Bringing health and wellness to Washington DC

At SOULEX Float Spa, our mission is to serve you

Whether you want to find relief from emotional or physical pain, prepare for athletic training, sleep better, combat addiction, lose weight or simply relax after a week at the office, flotation therapy can assist. See a comprehensive list of benefits here.

“It’s heartbreaking to see the weight that so many people are carrying. Floating can really help with daily stress.”
- Pedramin Vaziri, Founder, Soulex Float Spa

We’re used to people being a little skeptical before their first flotation therapy session, so to get an idea of what you will experience, here’s Renee’s account:

“I usually have trouble completely relaxing. I will admit that I was slightly skeptical but intrigued. Thus, I embarked upon my first float experience and was surprised by how relaxed and focused I felt (and still feel) afterwards. SOULEX is beautiful and clean and everyone there was so very sweet. I actually started to relax before actually getting into the pod as the whole facility exudes zen and calm. Once in the pod it took me a few minutes to get comfortable and figure out what worked for me. Once I did, however, it was such an amazing experience.”

And this feedback:

“Be prepared for a profoundly beautiful experience. It's not like drugs, but it's not not like drugs. The owners are very kind and knowledgeable and will walk you through the whole experience.”
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It is our honor to serve you, by helping you have the best flotation therapy experience possible. No matter what is happening in the world outside our premises on Massachusetts Avenue, we ensure that we make space for everyone who needs it, and that they feel safe and cared for during their time at SOULEX.


Nothing lights us up more than seeing the look on one of our valued client’s faces when we realize they’ve become as smitten as we are with floating. We look forward to seeing your reaction!
Allow us to help you nourish your mind, body and spirit.

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Our Float Rooms

Our clients report feeling at ease and relaxed the moment they walk in the front door of SOULEX, and that is not by accident! At SOULEX we have paid special attention to the design and presentation of our space.

Room 1+2

Featuring our pods which have a lid, the pods are approximately 6’x8’. The water is 12” deep. These two rooms are ADA compliant.