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Mindfulness, relaxation and health challenges eased… simply float

“Going to SOULEX is the only place that feels safe”

- Kenneth, 58, Program Management Professional

In Washington DC, we like solutions that are both efficient and effective, and we like them to include a healthy dose of excellence.

When you enjoy flotation therapy at SOULEX Float Spa, you’re getting the equivalent of four hours of meditation (even if you’ve never been the “meditation type”) and six hours’ deep sleep, all in a 60-minute float.

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“When I float on a regular basis, I perform better.”

- Shoham, 37, Founder

Nestled into your pod, your body will experience a similar weightless effect as in the womb, leaving your muscles, joints and bones free to take a well-deserved break. Your senses will have nothing to distract them and the temperature is set right at body temperature. We’ve seen people experience relief from physical health challenges, emotional trauma, insomnia, addictions, and find that their cognitive ability is enhanced. Discover a comprehensive list of the benefits of flotation therapy here.

Are you ready to try flotation therapy for the first time?

Renew your
body + soul

Float into Tranquility: Your Sanctuary for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Floating is also a wonderful way to relax, reduce stress, and improve your sleep. If you are curious about float therapy

As a full time yoga instructor I’m learning the importance of #bodywork to keep my physical and mental in tact. One of the first healing modules I decided to explore on my hunt for the best self-care practice here in DC was floating.
Sihnuu Hetep
Yoga Practitioner

Benefits of Floating

Sometimes we feel that we’re facing so many stress-related challenges + health issues, we don’t know where to begin.

Float into Tranquility: Your Sanctuary for Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Flotation therapy is the relaxing, calming way to assist your body, mind and soul to heal and perform at its best.

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Pain Relief

Floating therapy is the perfect companion for both pain relief and injury recovery, offering a uniquely relaxing experience like no other.

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Medical Conditions

Not having to constantly fight gravity allows your muscles, joints, and bones to take a well-deserved break.

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Immunity & Vitality

Taking the time to rest the mind and body is wonderfully healing for the immune system, lowering your chances of getting sick.

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Stress Relief

Float tanks offer immediate relief from the stress of life, helping you manage difficult events in a much healthier way.

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Each float room is equipped with its own shower, and your privacy is maintained throughout.

During your session you will have access to soap, shampoo, conditioner and fresh towels. For full details on our float rooms, click here.

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At Soulex Float Spa you will discover rigorous standards in terms of hygiene, with active oxygen used in water treatment and a triple-filtration system.

Each pod is cleaned and sanitized by hand in between sessions, and your room and pod is checked to ensure it is impeccably clean.

What Clients Say

“I found the experience really really relaxing and peaceful. If you've never tried something like this, this facility is great, well-run, and safe. I have been more than once at this point and am looking forward to going again. I have also recommended it to many friends and loved ones.”

- Libby

Here’s what the media says about SOULEX Float Spa

People need to kick back, heal and take some of the stress out of their lives — if even for an hour a week.
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And here’s what clients say after visiting SOULEX Float Spa

D Felecia Durante
The staff is amazing and very accommodating. The spa rooms are always extremely clean , sanitized & disinfected. The actual float session is so relaxing, every ache & pain seems to dissolve in the Epsom salt solution. The soothing music helps you drift off to sleep or a place of pure peace
D Felecia Durante
Demiah Edwards
I bought a package for my partner for Christmas which was a great deal. We both did a floating spa session today and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and cant wait to go back. This place is very clean, the atmosphere is perfect and it gets you right into your Zen moment.
Demiah Edwards
Michael Jones Jr.
Had an amazing time, quick check in process, explain how it all works and then just a great space for you to enjoy yourself body feels good, I am going to grab some food and head home and relax a little more! Take a chance and try it out!
Michael Jones Jr.
Claire Seveno
I plan to add this into my monthly – or bi-monthly self-care routine. Thank you to the whole SOULEX DC team from start to finish for making this such a great experience for me!
Claire Seveno
Kwasi Irving
The float experience was incredibly relaxing and tranquil. I highly recommend floating at SOULEX Float Spa. Enjoy.
Kwasi Irving
Hayley Hoffman
My husband and I just had our first float and we will be back for sure. The service was warm and engaging. The facilities were beautifully presented and maintained. The atmosphere was restful and welcoming. We had all that we needed to shed our stress and simply be in the space. Kudos to Pedramin and her team!
Hayley Hoffman
Noemi Young
Lovey experience. The Ladies and SOULEX explain everything and put your mind at ease about what you need to do, etc. The experience is amazing. I’m still relaxed and at peace with the world.
Noemi Young
Ashley Smith and her family
My husband, friend, and I floated today and loved our experience at SOULEX. From the first foot in the door, we felt relaxed and welcomed. Staff was fabulous and everything was meticulously clean and tidy! We were just visiting the area, but will definitely be back on our next trip up! Thanks SOULEX for such a relaxing afternoon.
Ashley Smith

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